The 10 hottest rides of 2015, for the highest cost of course!

10 Most Expensive Cars 2015

Cars are a work of art with their complex beauty, sophisticated design and intense speed is unrivaled. There is really nothing equivalent that man has made that could be compared to their elegance. However these cars are the best of the best legends and dreams of many but reality to a few, only a handful of these cars exist . However before this video starts I might not be able to pronounce all the names correctly but I’ll try to the best of my abilities.From starting off as a noodle company to becoming one of the largest corporations in the world. Samsung makes everything from phones, to military artillery systems, to the insides of your Apple products!



This car is probably the  best hybrid supercar ever made. This car has been a dream to many costing only 1.3 million dollars, its engine is so quiet that it requires an mp3 file and speakers to make noise. if you haven’t figured it out yet it’s the Mclaren  P1. It boasts a  3.8 litre twin turbocharged petrol engine with 903horsepower  going from 0-100km/h(62mph) in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 349km/h(217mph). It only weighs 1,395kg(3,075lb). Sadly only 375 p1’s will be manufactured so they’ll probably by the time I become a millionaire Youtube  just doesn’t pay me enough guys can’t even buy lunch.



One of the most elite cars of 2013 still costing a fortune to this day even Cristiano Ronaldo  was not able to snatch this Ferrari a real tragedy(sarcasm). The legendary Ferrari LaFerrari the most expensive hybrid in the the world going for millions at auctions only 499 were made so this special edition Ferrari didn’t care about how much money you have. It goes to 217mph(349kmh) powered by a hybrid 950hp engine this car is a legitimate beast.



This car isn’t particularly like the rest on this list, this one is more for luxury than it is for speed. The Maybach Landaulet  is a wonderful car to cruise around in with sliding sunroof and a top speed of 155mp/h(249km/h). However to enjoy the full expereince this luxurious car you’ll need to hire a chaufeur which isn’t included in the 1.38 million dollar price tag.


This car is one the fastest on this list and one of the fastest cars in the world. The Koenigsegg Agera R  has a theoretical top speed of 270mp/h(440km/h) going faster than the bugatti veyron supersport while costing a full 800,000 dollars less but still coming at a hefty 1.6 million dollars.



This car is not only remarkably fast but also pleasing to the eyes only 20 models of this stunnig car have been made. The Lambourghini Reventon meaning fighting bull in spanish it went from 0-60mph(96km/h) in just 3.3 seconds topping at 211mph(340km/h) costing little over 1.6 million dollars and was the previous most expensive lamborghini road car ever made until the launch of the sesto elemento in 2010.


We are nearly at the height of the list now but for fourth place there is a tie and the only thing seperating these two cars is a 3 mile an hour top speed difference. At fourth place we have the Pagani Zonda Cinque roadster costing 1.85 million dollars and with a top speed of 217mp/h(350km/h).


Our contender for third place is reserved for only a few since only 77 models have been made. The Aston Martin One-77 its top speed of 220mp/h(354km/h) may seem like nothing compared to the Bugatti Veyron super sport or the Agera R but its 750hp V12 engine is nothing to laugh at.


Not only is this vehicle one of the most expensive cars in the world but has been awarded with the honour of being the fastest street legal car in the world. The Bugatti Veyron super sport with a top speed of 267.8mp/h(430.9km/h) and costing its owner 2.4 milion dollars carrying these titles the  bugatti veyron isn’t likely to be surpassed by some of its rivals in terms of speed or price anytime soon.


Most supercars are from Europe however this suercar wants to make its debut as the first arabian supercar and features diamond encrusted LED headlights. First previewed in the 2013 Qatar motor show with 750 hp and a top speed of 245mp/h(394km/h) costing a whopping 3.4 Million dollars this car is in no shy of showing of its over the top price tag.


This car has the least models created on this list also the most expensive. The lamborghini veneno comes at a starting price of 3.9 million dollars and there is no chance of getting your hands on this beast of a car since all three models were sold before they were even showcased at the 2013 geneva motor show. This beauty a 6.5L V12 engine with a maximum speed of 220mp/h(354km/h) there is however a chance to see these cars since two of the three were purchased by Americans.

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